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Measuring School Costs & Performance

Cuyahoga County has 31 Public School Districts

Map Cuyahoga School Districts
Chart Cuyahoga School Enrollment & Teachers

2021-22 Average Proficiency Scores for Cuyahoga County Public School Districts Continue to be Discouraging

SUMMARY:The Average 3rd-Grade-High School Proficiency Score for 31 public school districts in Cuyahoga County was 61.6, slightly above Ohio's 57.7.

There was significant variance between districts as the districts ranged from a high of 91.8 to a low of 14.7. Several large, poor-performing dominated the overall outcome.

The 13 districts with average scores below 60 totalled 73,000 students with an estimated 48,400 students below proficiency of 60.

The 11 districts with scores over 80 accounted for 31,600 students, with only 4,700 below proficiency.

More information on the test results, including the results by grade level and the results by subject are available in the PDF below.

2021-22 Cuyahoga school district proficiency scores

A Return to "Normal" Public Schools Is Not Enough
(Crain's Cleveland Business, March 7, 2022)

The 2020-21 school year was dismal for public education in Cuyahoga County as schools were buffeted by the COVID pandemic and social and political currents.


Most parents and the public hoped that schools would return to "normal" for the county's 130,000 public school students this year, but even if COVID disruptions fade in spring, the public schools' "normal" performance fails to prepare many students for the future and handicaps Cuyahoga County's economic growth.

Average 5-yr proficency for poorly performing Cuyahoga discts

Cuyahoga SD Teachers' Salaries Vs Ohio Medians

The ODE provides data on teachers' salaries, backgrounds and evaluations over 600 public school districts.

In 2019, the median salaries for the 31 Cuyahoga County public school districts was $76,176, compared to $58,465 for other state districts. Other data was similar but more Cuyahoga teachers had MA degrees than in other Ohio districts. 

Very few teachers were evaluated as ineffective. Out of 9,321 teachers employed in Cuyahoga school district in 2019, 17 were evaluated as in effective.

Average teachers salaries- Cuyahoga versus state average
Average teachers salaries in Cuyahoga County

Explore a Data Viz: Are We Getting Good Performance for the Money from Cuyahoga County School Districts?

The data visualization is a comparative analysis of school districts in Cuyahoga County. The data used in this analysis comes entirely from the Ohio Deparment of Education and is the most current available as of April 2020.


The report summarizes district financing and expenses. It then examines teacher and student profiles of each district before looking at the various test and performance metrics.

(Note: Some slides may not display properly on mobile devices.) 

Data visualization of schooldistrict data

Developing a Profile of a School District
Sample: Rocky River City School District

It's possible to develop a detailed profile of a school district from data provided by the Ohio Dept of Education and from school financial data submitted to the Ohio auditor. The data below is a sample of information compiled on Rocky River School District. More information is available at the link below.

Rocky River School District logo
Rocky River High School
  • 2,700 Students

  • 185 Teachers (FTE)

  • Median Teacher Salary is $80,857, 10th highest in Ohio.

  • Teacher experience and percentage with masters are substantially above state medians.

  • District ranks number 2 in Ohio in average proficiency on 21 state tests.

  • District received overall grade of "A" on state performance criteria.

  • Total district revenues (Genl Fund- 2019) was $42.1 million.

  • About 82% of total revenue was raised by property taxes. Average property tax share in Cuyahoa County was 56%.

  • Total expenses were about $14,900 per student. Per student expenses were above state medians but slightly below average in Cuyahoga Count.

Rocky River School District revenue &Expenditures
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