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Government Metrics

Cuyahoga Scoreboard will analyze data to provide an objective look at the area’s progress, prepare simple public summaries and communicate findings to the public. The Scoreboard is intended to assist individuals, community organizations and media who may not have the resources or ability to analyze systematically the budgets or performance of existing county or local governments without technical assistance.


The major responsibility of county and local governments to create a climate for its residents to grow, prosper and live a good life. Key metrics for evaluating county and local governments include:

  • Creating Economic Opportunity & Jobs for All Sectors of the Community

  • Developing a Well-Skilled Workforce

  • Ensuring Safety & Justice

  • Providing & Maintaining a High-Quality Infrastructure

  • Delivering Good, Cost-Effective Services

Providing High-Quality Infrastructure:

What is the condition of Metro Cleveland's roadways?

Almost half of the highways in Metro Cleveland (Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Lorain and Medina counties) were ranked as poor by a national highway research group, TRIP. The area was ranked 48th out of 70 metro areas.

Metro Cleveland Road Rating
Cleveland  Sign

WalletHub evaluated the quality of governance in 150 US cities. Find out why Cleveland ranked 141st out of 150 US cities and worst among Ohio metros.

Best-Worst Ohio Cities Governance

Is Cleveland a well-run city? 

Delivering Good, Cost-Effective Services:

Explore a Data Viz: City Revenues & Expenditures for Cuyahoga & Lorain Counties

The data visualization is a comparative analysis of 2018 city revenues and expenditures for 46 cities in Cuyahoga and Lorain counites based on city audit data compiled in the Hinkel reports by the Ohio Auditor. (Note: Some data viz slides may not display properly on mobile devices.) 

City Finance dat visualization using Tableau
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